A family office is an instrument, at the service of a family, that allows you to manage assets not linked to the main business of the family, that is, surpluses that the family business has generated and want to manage together.

Among its benefits, it is worth noting that:

– It offers economic security, by dissociating the family business from the family wealth.

– It allows to create scaled economies when managing assets, by doing so together, rather than each family member individually. Therefore, it allows  access to privileged investment circuits, which would probably be impossible to access at an individual level.

– It allows organizing a system of training scholarships for younger family members, as well as providing funds to entrepreneurial family members.

– It allows the provision of resources to those family members who need to treat health-related issues.

Depending on the goals set by each family, it will stipulate how large the family office should be, even allowing the use a shared multi-family office.

In Andorra, you can design a family office, hand in hand with excellent professionals, adapted to the needs and heritage, fiscal and legal reality of your family, regardless of its wealth. You will also have good legal and tax advice, which will allow you to minimize the payment of taxes, as well as plan your inheritance. Therefore, manage your resources efficiently, optimally.


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