We live in an increasingly globalized world. The emergence of the Internet and new technologies has triggered a whole digital revolution that has completely transformed the way we relate to each other and, consequently, the way we work. And it’s that, currently, thanks to these tools, we can communicate and even be connected to anyone on the planet in real time. This has meant that both individuals and companies have to adapt, as well as adapt their businesses to this global context.

On a personal level, the increase in mobility, especially among younger generations, makes the correct planning of aspects such as residence, including tax, retirement, inheritance, etc., become important.

While at the business level, defining the marketing, import and export models of your business, identifying new opportunities as well as possible business alliances are mandatory tasks for a correct diversification of business risk. Without a doubt, we are facing a great puzzle, in which the figure of a consultant or adviser who coordinates the experts of the different areas, providing a critical vision for the benefit of the interests of the client, becomes essential.

Each of the decisions taken, in relation to these aspects, must be based on objective and operational information. Only then can we make the best decisions and capitalize on them, turning them into business ideas. Accompanying the customer, from strategic formulation to the production of the solution, is our main objective. That’s why, among others, we are mentors of Actua’s Growth program and partners and mentors of Andorra Telecom’s Niu program.


Despite its small size, Andorra offers the possibility of developing businesses and providing services globally. In addition, at ANCEI we have a multilingual and multicultural team, as well as a network of international contacts, which ensure that we have fully up-to-date information in the other countries and therefore help us to provide good international strategic advice. In a global and changing environment, a flexible team is needed, able to understand and assimilate, quickly, the changes in the regulations of different countries and, therefore, can provide solutions adapted to the new realities that are happening.

At ANCEI we will be happy to share our knowledge to help you in your personal or business project.

Why live in Andorra?
Andorra presents itself as a unique and privileged environment for those who seek to gain in quality of life, since:
What are Andorra's tax advantages?
Living in Andorra will allow you to benefit from one of the most attractive tax systems in the euro zone:

– Andorra has an Indirect General Tax (IGI) of 4.5% (VAT equivalent in Spain).

 The tax rate on Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Corporate Income Tax (IS) is 10%.

– In addition, there are multiple exemptions applicable in the IRPF, especially as regards passive income.

In Andorra there is neither the Estate Tax (IP) nor the Inheritance and Donation Tax (ISD).

– Andorra has great advantages for pensioners. The rescue of pension plans, for example, only taxes in Andorra.

– It is also a country committed to meeting the new transparency and substance requirements operating in international taxation.

 And it has signed eight conventions to avoid double taxation with other countries and is negotiating the signing of more conventions.


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