Des de l’any 2003, a ANCEI Consultoria Estratègica Internacional, hem estat treballant fins a consolidar-nos com una de les principals consultories del país en l’àmbit de l’assessorament estratègic i referent per aquelles empreses que tenen o volen tenir un component internacional.
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We consider that our strongest quality is our proactive attitude to our client´s necessities. Continuous improvement, perseverance and a great deal of creativity have forged a strong work team who are capable of facing all the requirements of the companies or individuals confronted with the process of internationalization or that simply wish to enhance their current situation.

A customized solution for each necessity

International Strategic Consulting

Beyond advising, beyond the simple diagnostic of a problem, we look for the practical, most effective path to the most adequate solutions for each one of our clients.  We are strategic consultants.

Andorra offers an open window to the world for all our clients. We offer consulting and support in the implementation of all strategies.  We are and want to be global.

We find solutions to the challenges proposed by our clients.  Our experience drives us to have a creative attitude and a critical viewpoint to ensure an optimal solution in accordance to the complexity of each client’s needs.  We have a distinctive focus when confronting problems and establishing conclusive strategies.

We are international strategic consultants.

Can we help you?

Establishing Andorran companies

Why create a company in Andorra?

With the economic aperture, Andorra is opening up to foreign investors and allowing the establishment of business projects in the country.

It is now possible for an investor who is not an Andorran resident to own and manage 100% of Andorran companies and real estate properties.

The combination of economic aperture, with the low tax system that companies and residents have, creates an idyllic situation for establishing companies and creating new businesses in the country.


Andorra boasts of a great level of personal safety, a quality healthcare system, international education systems, a financial place of reference, with modern infrastructures and a high quality of life.


If you would like to become an Andorran resident, we will help you with the entire application and settlement process.


Depending on your specific situation, we will recommend the type of residency that is best adapted to your needs

  • Self employed residency
  • Residency without gainful employment (passive residency)
  • Residency for professionals with an international projection
  • Residency with a scientific, cultural, or sports interest
  • Work permit without residency
  • Residence permit for admission to private nursing homes


Having an international perspective, we will advice you on obtaining residencies in the rest of the world through the extensive network of offices with whom we collaborate.  Not only do we offer you the possibility of obtaining a residency in Andorra, but we can help you obtain residency and even a nationality in many countries around the world (Portugal, UK, and Spain, amongst others)

We will advice you with a global perspective to ensure that whatever residency is opted for is  the best for you.

International projects

Our proven experience in a large number of European, American, and Asian jurisdictions, paired with an important network of local offices with which we have a tight collaboration, allows us to offer you new markets and business opportunities.
International expansion is the main alternative for the majority of medium-sized companies. Creating a strategy on a legal as well as a fiscal level will allow your company to be more competitive and reach its internationally focused goals.
Without any obligation, come talk to us about your projects!

Tax advice

In ANCEI we offer specialized, professional tax advice, for companies as well as for natural persons.  That is why, the professionals that compound this area, lawyers and economists with an extensive international trajectory, rely on the solid and constant training that allows them to offer solutions to clients.

Corporate and legal advice

We advise our clients from a corporate and legal perspective, on a national as well as an international level.

The expertise of the professionals in our firm in corporate law, allows us to offer you the following services, among others:

  • Complete corporate advice:
    • Company incorporation
    • Management and administrative framework (board of directors and managers)
    • Modifications and adaptations of articles of associations. Regulation assemblies and councils. Code of good practice.
    • Assistance and advice in shareholder and member meetings, board of directors and governing bodies. Minutes, resolutions, certifications and document public registry.  Powers of Attorney.
    • Corporate conflicts and business crisis
    • Company liquidations
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Corporate legal secretary. Legal assistance in general assemblies.  Company Minutes Book and register of members.  Drafting of Minutes, corporate agreements and other company documents.
  • Incorporation, management and advice on foundations, associations or other nonprofit entities, on national and international levels.
  • Corporate contracts

Business projects

From analyzing the viability of business projects, to searching for appealing projects for those investors who are interested in pursuing the world of venture capital under expert supervision; our independence has resulted in partnerships with the best professionals in each field and country.

We specialize in innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic advice to private investors (Business Angels).

In ANCEI we help new business projects to obtain financing through our network of Business Angels contacts in Spain and Andorra.

Furthermore, through our network of collaborators, we have access to the best specialists in every phase of your business projects.

We can help you with the following phases, amongst others:

  • Strategic analysis of the business
  • Drafting of business plans and market study
  • Assistance in the set up of the business, from a legal, fiscal and economic perspective
  • Interim management
  • Independent advisors
  • Determining the appropriate legal vehicle (based on the business plan, strategy, and growth perspectives)
  • Financing process, investment and shareholders’ agreements.

Family office

ANCEI has a long career in service development for family business and their owners. ANCEI’s
group of professionals are highly trained in all family business legal, fiscal and economic affairs.